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Free Design Observation & Research

Learn Design Observation and Research Strategies in UX and UI Design

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Design research has come of age!
In this free mini course, students will learn the AEIOU Method of Design Observation and Research.

Hundreds of papers and books have been written about the importance of design research and how, when, why, and by whom it should be done. Organizations, and not just innovation consultancies, have adopted it, hired researchers to plan, implement and execute it, and consider it part of their product development process. Schools, and not just the method and process-oriented ones (IIT ID, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, University of Toronto) are teaching it, and not just at the graduate level.

Designers, what does that mean for us?

In this Mini class, we'll walk through the process together before setting off to practice on our own.

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Design Observation
with Kaleb Dean
College educator with a Master’s in Graphic Design.
Because design isn’t one size fits all, design observation and research gives you the ability to work and rework the brief in new an interesting ways. With insight, designers can develop new strategies to make progress toward the goals for clients and their own projects!
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Kaleb Dean
Co-Founder, Studio Ostendo

What's in this Free Course:

Intro to Design Research

Design Observation and Research

AEIOU Observation Method

BONUS: Free Template Download

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Frequently Asked

Why is it free?

Kaleb has taught these lessons at colleges for years, and with each group, design gets a little bit more considerate. So, it's worth the trade off to see better design in the world!

Is there any homework?

Yes! Using the methods taught in the course, students are encouraged to practice doing observational design research in a place they're familiar with.

What kind of support is there?

Once you're enrolled, you'll have full access to Kaleb via email and direct message. If you'd like to schedule a call to talk about the principles and how to apply them, then just schedule a call!
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If you’re ready to improve your UX and UI design in digital and physical spaces, then enroll in the course today!

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