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Basic Photography compositions, frame within a frame, leading lines, pattern, the golden section, scale, and rule of thirds image.

Photography Compositions Mini-course

A mini course for portrait and wedding photographers who want to create stronger images and feel more confident in their craft.

This mini course is for you if...


You don’t yet have a regular practice of reviewing and critiquing your own photography work


You want to create stronger photographs, but aren’t sure where to start


You feel frustrated that your photography work isn’t quite the caliber you’d like it to be


You want to nail your photography compositions every time


You’re ready to confidently create stronger images time and time again

We’re inviting you to watch Becky critique our own photographs and share our best tips for creating more visually compelling photographs. Join us for a behind the scenes peek into the process we use to review our own photographs, growing from each session and wedding we photograph to create stronger images every time.

Included in this mini course…


7 digestible video lessons that teach the rules of composition for photographers


Real examples of each photography composition with critique commentary so you can learn how to use them AND how to review them


Our framework for reviewing your own photographs


Assignments so you can practice and establish a healthy practice of reviewing your own photographs

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Preview the Lessons in this Mini Course:


Lessons in the Photography Compositions Course

L 1


L 2

Rule of Thirds

L 3

Symmetry and Asymmetry

L 4

Pattern & Repetition

L 5

Leading Lines

L 6

Frame within a Frame

L 7


L 8

Golden Ratio

L 9

Reviewing Your Own Photographs

Downloads & Resources


Assignment Download

World-class photographer Becky Dean of Studio Ostendo, Co. posing for Photography Compositions Course

For beginners

and seasoned photographers

Key Photography skills for all levels!

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All skill levels
are welcome!

Get access to all the videos PLUS the assignments when you enroll in this mini course!