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Variable Font Principles Course

Get started designing your own variable fonts with this Variable Font Design Principles intro course!

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For many people, Variable fonts seem hard to understand, and harder to make.
What’s different about variable fonts and static ones? How would I make one? What are the design possibilities?

Variable fonts are the future. The future of font application, and the future of type design as a field.

That means, it’s time to learn how they work, and how you might be able to create your own today!

In this course, the principles of variable fonts are taught with Glyphs 3, and from the philosophy of animation.

At the end of this course, you’ll not only know how to practically develop your own variable font, but you’ll also be able to imagine the future of typography with the medium!
Variable Font Principles with Kaleb Dean
Awarded type designer and international speaker.
I've taught dozens of students, and nothing beats principles. I had to learn type design the hard way—on my own. I've poured over resources, attended conferences, and forged my own path into type design. Now, I'd like to share my insights with you, think about type differently, and exploit this amazing medium that is at our fingertips!
Kaleb Dean teaches Variable font Principles
Kaleb Dean
Co-Founder, Studio Ostendo
Learn Through animation principles - variable fonts

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& make crazy shapes

Online Variable Font Principles Course Modules

MODULE 1: Welcome & Introduction

MODULE 2: Variable Font Exercises - Learning step-by-step

MODULE 3: Application & Exploiting the Medium

CLASS PROJECT: Make Something Weird!

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Here's why I think you should join this course!

The 3 Reasons Designers Should be Familiar with Variable Fonts

For forward thinking designers on the cutting edge!

Know How to Use Them

Imagine how many practice shots Michael Jordan took—thousands! Whether you’re a brand identity designer, letterer, UI designer, or type enthusiast, the best way to elevate your craft is to practice. With type design, you’re drawing dozens of letterforms, paying attention to weight, rhythm, light, style, and substance. All of these impact every visual field, and learning type design can help you practice and elevate your visual craft no matter the field!


Know the Capabilities

I started type design as a creative outlet. It keeps me drawing, thinking, and working on my creative skills. Without a client, I’m able to use letterforms to express and flew my creativity the ways that I want to.


Lead the Industry

How many fonts are on your computer? In almost every case, someone got paid to make those fonts (and if they didn’t, they were robbed or its not a quality font!)Learning and practicing type design can lead to a suite of digital products that can turn into passive income. Think about instead of binging that next Netflix series, you added a revenue stream instead!

Enroll today and start learning how to make variable fonts!

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Built on foundational learning

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Variable fonts are the future!

Preview each lesson in this online course!

Module 1, Welcome & Intro

M 1, L 1
Variable Font Principles course Background Image

Welcome & Requirements

M 1, L 2
Variable Font Principles course Background Image

Intro to Variable Fonts

Module 2, Animation Principles

M 2, L 1
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M 2, L 2
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M 2, L 3
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M 2, L 4
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M 2, L 5
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Module 3, Practical Application

M 3, L 1
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Applying it to Letters

M 3, L 2
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Exploiting the Medium

Packed with Actionable Exercises!

All FREE and included in the course

Starting in Glyphs

Haven't used Glyphs before to design a font? No worries! An early lesson teaches you everything you need to start playing around today. Glyphs even offers a free demo—with this course, you can learn how to use Glyphs and its possibilities before the trial ends!


Translating, Scaling, and Rotating

These are all things that happen naturally in type design, but we're going to think actively about them and learn using these animation building blocks.


Morphing and Combining

With just a few basics under our belts, we can start to imagine a vast world of possibilities! What will you make with all this power?


Help is always near!

There's nothing more frustrating than not knowing what to Google when we're stuck. Luckily, Kaleb will always be around to answer questions and help you learn this new format!

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Kaleb Dean teaching Variable Font Principles course online

For beginners

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Variable Font Principles for any Skill Level!

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All skill levels
are welcome!

The Variable Font Principles Course will help break the ice, and open a world of possibilities!

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Full Course Access
1 Single Payment

Get instant full access to the Variable Font Principles course at this discounted, pre-launch rate!

Frequently Asked

Do I need to own Glyphs?

No! In Module 2, we talk about Ideating & Finding Inspiration for fonts all around us. Besides, the fact that you're designing a font means that it'll be unique because of all the experience and perspective only you can bring!

What if I don't know how to use Glyphs?

You're right where I was when I started. The first exercise, we'll walk through the basics of Glyphs so you know everything you need to be able to produce our variable font examples.

Are we making a whole font!?

No, that's for a bigger course! In Variable Font Principles, we'll be learning about the medium through a few exercises. From there, you could apply the principles to an entire font—that's why they're called principles!

I’m not sure if I have time for this?

No problem—that’s one of the benefits of enrolling in an online course—you can do it at your own pace. Each video covers a bite-sized amount of info that's actionable. That means you can learn about variable fonts at your own pace.

Is this for a specific type of designer?

This course is for anyone and everyone with a curiosity over variable fonts, whether in how they work, how they're made, or how to make one yourself!

If you’re ready learn about the principles of variable fonts, join this course today!

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